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Bacalar Mexico – the ultimate travel guide

Bacalar, a word that still make me dream today. What an exceptional place in the Yucatan region of Mexico where along a small village lies a long lagoon with breathtaking shades of blue that will make you smile from ear to ear. Laguna Bacalar Mexico attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world every year!

Bacalar is a small village on the border of Belize, which is fortunate to be bordered by this famous lagoon. However, you should know that the lagoon is challenging to access without paying. In short, you either have to take a boat trip or have a hotel with direct access to the lagoon. However, a few small, barely visible entrances remain accessible, but you have to look carefully. One day is enough to enjoy this place. If you plan to stay in Mexico for three weeks, you can check the itinerary.

How to get to Bacalar Mexico?

The easiest way to fly to Cancun airport is. From there, walk over to the ADO bus station to grab the next bus to Bacalar. In this case, I recommend Bacalar to go by car. You can rent a car at the airport by visiting one of the Cancun airport car rental companies. The road to Bacalar is usually around 4 hours.

The first place in Bacalar that you should visit is Lake Bacalar. Also known as Bacalar Lagoon. Peaceful energies soothe the soul in the alkaline water of Largo Bacalar, lake of seven colors, fed from limestone under the Yucatan and Quintana Roo regions of Mexico. There you can admire various shades of blue shimmering in the sun. The principal source of water in the lake is underwater rivers. Their pools are natural limestone pits called cenotes.

Bacalar Mexico - the ultimate travel guide

A frequently asked question is how the water in Lake Bacalar changes colors. There is a small amount of organic material in the water. The oldest are oligotrophic organisms, so-called because of the minimum diet. Therefore, the lagoon looks so spectacular in the sun. In English, they sometimes called Bacalar the Lagoon of Seven Colors; its original name in Mayan, Siyan Ka’an Bakjalal, translates roughly to “place surrounded by reeds where the sky is born.”


You cannot miss the Cenote Cocalitos. This cenote is at the Bacalar Lagoon and it has 60 meters deep. I recommended it to those who love nature and adrenaline.

You can also buy tickets for a boat trip on the lagoon. There is a restaurant on site where you can relax and eat something, and there are also kayak and parking. It is an open cenote.

Near to Cocalitos, there are the Azul and Esmeralda cenotes. Cenote Azul is in proximity to Cente Cocalitos. In fact, the distance between them is less than 1.5 km. Azul is one of the deepest in the Riviera Maya, with a depth of 90m. It is an open cenote, surrounded by vegetation and the turquoise color of the lagoon. It is certainly the best for a family holiday.

Where to rent a bike in Bacalar?

Take advantage of your day touring Bacalar by land through different routes in which you will get to know this beautiful magical city with its history. By bike, you can discover more like natural and cultural wealth. One of the best bike rental is Magic Bacalar on 3rd. Av. between 36th St and 38th St. Mario. Daily rent rate from 7am is 250MXN. Renting by hours, you will pay 35MXN for each one. The price is valid at the time of writing the post. You can visit the rental website here.

Where to stay in Bacalar

One of the better places Bacalar can offer is Hotel & Suites Oasis Bacalar. Placed on the famous Avenida 3. Steps away from the Lake Bacalar. With hammocks, swing pool, you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city there.

To explore this dream destination, stay just off the iconic Cabanas Las Palmas. With easy walking distance to the best of entertainment area and beautiful lagoon, you won’t find a better location in town.

Where to eat in Bacalar

Lastly, here is your guide to the best restaurants and places to eat in Bacalar!

Enamora is the gluten-free, vegan-friendly, plant-based breakfast spot in Bacalar. Stayed in Bacalar for 3 days and had breakfast here every day. After once just felt like I need to come back and try more- had a different breakfast every morning and I was never disappointed. In short, prices are good, the staff is nice! If I come back, this is where I’m going.

One of my favorite things for traveling?

Sampling all the local delights! Between burgers and tacos with various vegan options and shakes, Mango y Chile Bacalar restaurant offers excellent food for a visitor to Bacalar. This place has its unique vibe to itself, and I never thought I would try a meatless hamburger that I would enjoy so much!!! Either you are vegan, vegetarian, or not, you must see for yourself. I highly recommend this place, I just felt in love with the beverages and the entire menu.

Bacalar Mexico - the ultimate travel guide

Enjoy your time in Bacalar!

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Bacalar Mexico - the ultimate travel guide

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