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Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day

Have you ever wondered what the best things to do in Venice, Italy in one day? If so, I hope this post will help you plan your trip to Italy

One of my favorite cities is Venice. I adore this city because of its architecture, style, and the fact that you can get around on your own two feet.

Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day

You can stay in Venice for several days if you plan ahead of time. If you have little time, you can also visit the city’s most notable landmarks in a single day. Is one day in Venice enough?

A day in Venice may not seem like a long time. However, if you plan ahead of time, your stay can be memorable.

You should look at the “Venice in one day walking map” that I prepared to better plan your visit to Venice. This map will assist you in planning your time in Venice and will make your visit much more enjoyable. There are many places to visit in Venice.. It will take you several days to visit all of them. My list is a compilation of my favorite places in Venice.

Venice in one day walking map

Venice is a unique and small city. This city can be explored on foot in a few hours. It’s easy to get lost in it by following the narrow streets. You’ll feel you’re in a labyrinth. 

St. Mark’s Square and its surroundings 

St. Mark’s Square and its surroundings are must-see attractions in Venice. This mythical place cannot be missed in a single day’s visit. You must see the square itself, cross it, walk around it, and pass beneath the arcades admiring Venice’s historic cafes: the Florian, the Quadri, and the Lavena.

Furthermore, in this square, you can see the Clock Tower, the Campanile (no reservations), and, of course, the famous Basilica of Saint Mark (reservations).

If, on the other hand, you are unable to visit the campanile of San Marco, which is extremely crowded, you can visit the campanile of San Giorgio, which is located on the opposite island.

Then, in one day in Venice, you leave St. Mark’s Square, passing between the Basilica and the Campanile, and arrive at the piazzetta, which is bounded on the right by the Biblioteca Marciana and on the left by the Doge’s Palace. The Doge’s Palace has an entrance on the facade in front of the Basin of San Marco. Make a reservation for your ticket in advance.

Finally, at the very end of the Doge’s Palace, you can see the well-known Bridge of Sighs.


Return to the Rialto Bridge by walking under the Clock Tower and through the Mercerie maze from St. Mark’s Square. It can be admired from a distance, up close, and from above. The view of the Grand Canal is spectacular. If you only have one day in Venice, make sure to see the Rialto Bridge.

Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day

Accademia Bridge

If you’re in St. Mark’s Cathedral, go through the portico opposite the basilica and follow Calle San Moses straight (if that’s a word) until you reach Campo Santo Stefano, where you should turn left.

The Accademia Bridge is worth seeing on a day trip to Venice. Yes, it’s worth stopping once more to admire the Grand Canal and, in the distance, the top of the Customs House and the Basilica of La Salute, where we’ll be heading soon.

The Accademia is a museum of Venetian painting that art lovers should not miss.

Route St. Mark's-Accademia: approximately 20 minutes
2 hours is required for a visit to the Accademia museum.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

From the Accademia bridge, on the Accademia side rather than the Santo Stefano side, so crossing the bridge according to our itinerary, turn left, then left again, then straight on (again, if I may say so).

You walk past the Guggenheim Museum and arrive at the Salute. For a spectacular view, walk around the point of the Customs House.

Route Accademia-Guggenheim: approximately 15 minutes

Guggenheim-Salute: 10 minutes
Approximately 2 hours to visit the Guggenheim Museum.

La Salute: 30 minutes minimum Customs Point: 30 minutes approximately
Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day


If you want to go to Murano, you’ll have to skip the Accademia and the Salute. Glass shops can be found everywhere. If you are short on time, you can visit a glass factory with a demonstration from San Marco.

Take the vaporetto between San Marco Basin and the station from the La Salute stop for a round trip to the Grand Canal. Don’t forget to go at night. You will have one hour in Venice to see the Canale Grande.

Visit the Grand Canal: 20 minutes (line 2) to 45 minutes (line 3), (line 1).

Grand Canal

From the La Salute stop, take the vaporetto to visit the Grand Canal, round trip, between San Marco Basin and the station. Don’t forget to visit it at night. In one hour in Venice, you will have time to see the Canale Grande.

Visit the Grand Canal: between 20mn (line 2) and 45mn (line 1).

The Gondola

You can also take a gondola ride, there are plenty of stations along the way. Private gondola (for you alone) or shared gondola. You can also reserve a gondola in a typical and preserved neighborhood. 

In Venice, a standard gondola ride costs 80 euros for a private 25-30 minute tour. A gondola ride at night, on the other hand, costs 120 euros for a private 25-30-minute tour. If you want to stay longer, inform the gondolier and request a price before the tour begins.

It’s worth learning about Italian foods

When I visit Italy, I always look for my beloved pistachio croissants. While in Venice, it’s an unfathomable dose of delicious taste that becomes a tradition.

These colorful pistachio croissants are an indulgent treat to wake up to, and a delightful dessert, too! Buttery croissants are filled and topped with a luscious, vibrantly green, pistachio mixture, then baked until golden brown and gorgeously fragrant. A luxurious and supremely tasty breakfast treat! Visit one of the local pastry shops and experience this amazing taste! 

Many connections with food and cuisine spring to mind when you think of Italy. After all, the Italians are famed for their many and well-known regional cuisine specialties. Pizza is one of the most well-known Italian foods in the world. In Venice, there are a number of noteworthy restaurants where you may get a traditional Italian pizza and enjoy it while strolling among the canals.

Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day

When to go to Venice and other practical informations

When to go to Venice?

May and October are the mildest and thus the most enjoyable months. From the beginning of November to the end of April, you may view the acqua alta. You can visit at any time of year… but it’s best to do so during the off-season! You’ll escape the crowds and the Venetians will be more available this way?

You should also be aware that the prices of accommodations skyrocket during the Carnival, the Mostra, and the Biennale! In Venice, the off-seasons are now also high season: there are fewer people in July-August (although it is still very hot) than in May or September.

When to go to Venice to see the acqua alta?

Venice gets its foot in the water on a regular basis. The sea penetrates the lagoon and floods specific portions of the city due to the combined effect of high tides, air pressure, currents, and wind. This is referred to as an acqua alta.

This magnificent phenomena, which occurs on average 100 times a year (in varying degrees) and normally occurs from the beginning of November to the end of April, is highly common (particularly in St. Mark’s Square, Venice’s lowest point).

It’s a popular destination for Japanese photographers and travel operators, who have the highest booking rates during this time! When the lagoon overflows, the first place to be flooded is Saint Mark’s Square.

But don’t be alarmed: the acqua alta only lasts a few hours (the length of a tide), there are footbridges in place to ease traffic, and numerous improvised merchants sell pairs of boots.

When to go to Venice to see the Carnival

From 19 February to 1st March. The mayor of Venice confirmed in his wishes for the new year 2022 that the carnival will take place. It is an official confirmation.

The only unknown, of course, is the pandemic. If things go wrong, some events such as the Angel Fly or the Best Costume Contest may be canceled.

Want to remember this list for your next trip to Venice? Pin the image below!
Best Things To Do In Venice Italy In One Day

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