• E-Book How to Travel Cheaper, Smarter and SaferE-Book How to Travel Cheaper, Smarter and Safer

    E-Book How to Travel Cheaper, Smarter and Safer


    Are you a traveler? Do you want to travel more?

    Are you looking for inspiration how to explore the world and be more safe, save money and have unforgettable memories? What if you could find practical tips how to get cheap flights and accomodation and earn money while traveling. Would it be something for you?

    I am a traveler who found out that traveling is not expensive, if you know where to look for. I decided that I should share my knowledge with others, because there are many people who want to travel but do not know where to start.

    That’s why I created an ebook called “How to travel cheaper, smarter and safer”. It is a guide for everyone who wants to travel more and explore the world.

    You will learn what are the cheapest ways of transportation, how to find cheap flight tickets, when it is the best time for buying them and which apps can help you with it. You will also learn about hostels, apartments sharing and hotel booking.

    The ebook also contains practical tips how to earn money while traveling so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

    If this sounds interesting, download your copy now!

    Inside you will find:
    • Money saving travel hacks
    • Practical tips to help you find last minute hotel deals, best apps for flight booking, book accomodation
    • Learn how to make money while traveling
    • Ready-made travel packing list
    • Cheap hotels – how to search hotel discounts
    • Cheap restaurants where you can eat deliciously, from instagram cafes to local eateries
    • List of useful apps

    See how the guide looks on the inside, I cared about aesthetics and reliability of information.

    In over 100 pages, you’ll find a concentrated dose of travel information, solutions that are proven and available for free, dozens of links to useful sites and apps. I present ways to search for information and tips that I learned during many years of travel – thanks to the ebook you will save not only money, but also time.

    After your purchase you can directly download the ebook on every mobile device or on your computer.